Scorched Earth - Fed To Your Head 2001

Scorched Earth - Fed To Your Head 2001

Исполнитель: Scorched Earth
Альбом: Fed To Your Head
Страна: UK
Жанр: Hard Rock/Heavy Psych
Год: 2001
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 kbs
Размер: 131 Mb
Файлообменник: Rusfolder

01 Dust Part 1 1:00
02 Woman Gone Bad 3:03
03 Electric City 5:42
04 Blues for the Universe 8:15
05 I Ain't Superstitious 3:33
06 Killing Time 3:58
07 The Girl From Shady Grove 2:00
08 Busted 8:23
09 Blown Away 2:43
10 Long Black Gown 14:46
11 Dust Part 2 1:18

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Hard Rock

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Отлично, yahoo yes-yes спасибо !!!
13 июля 2015 21:04


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Scorched Earth - "Fed To Your Head" (Woronzow 2000, UK, WOO-45, also on Rubric Records in the US)

Scorched Earth is a brand new (?) heavy psych trio, born in a London studio. The lads obviously hit it off as already here's a full-length (55 minute) album of goodies. In the accompanying bio, Randy "The Snake" Kyser (guitar, vocals), Chuck "The Horse" Kowalski (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), and Jay "The Prophet" Pharaoh Curd (drums) are described as 'nearly-legendary veterans of the heavy guitar, stoner rock scene,' but I'm not at all sure from whereabouts these guys came. No matter...I can hear that they can deliver the goods.

'Fed to Your Head' opens with a couple hard-drivin' rock riff numbers of high quality. The following track, "Blues for the Universe," is the album's magnum opus... a mindblowing astral journey that starts out a little like Donovan's "Lalena" (Man, this guy's voice sounds remarkably like Nick Saloman himself! They're not having us on again, are they?) but quickly takes off for parts unknown. After the high octane twin-guitar jam, the tune returns to its subtle cosmic beginnings then drifts quietly off into space. "I Ain't Superstitious" is the *true* blues tune here... Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, you know what I mean.

"Killing Time" recalls Hendrix instead, obviously a real throwback rocker with unbridled energy and spirited interchange between the guitar licks and drum fills. The more progressive 6/8 instrumental "The Girl From Shady Grove" is an effective interlude before launching straight back into a fuzz-guitar psychfest by the name of "Busted." Next, the riff from "Blown Away" sounds amazingly familiar (Fastway?), but I don't really care if it's pinched or not... it's not *my* song they're lifting. "Long Black Gown" is the obligatory eastern-flavored track that builds slowly from subtle vocals and acoustic guitar to the full band jam, as all the while wah pedals and whammy bars are being activated. A wonderful finish. Wait, it's not over yet! 'Freebird' took less time to wrap up!

OK, three albums, three thumbs up. You can't go wrong with any of these, though Acid Jam 2 stands at the top of my list. If Scorched Earth here is truly a new entity into the scene (their names don't look too much like pseudonyms, but I still wonder), well then, they're worthy of keeping an eye on. Scorched Earth are indeed somewhat heavier than your average Woronzow band, but I'd hesitate to call them 'stoner rock,' as they don't really have that thundering doom underneath that most stoner groups have. Still, if you like all that thick sludgy guitar, you'll like Scorched Earth just fine.
12 июля 2015 21:28


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Отличная группа.Спасибо.
3 октября 2011 09:15


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Хороший альбом, спасибо большое.
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