Essexx - We Make It Rock 2022

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Исполнитель: Essexx
Альбом: We Make It Rock (2 CD)
Страна: United States
Жанр: Hard Rock
Год: 2022
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Размер: 266 МБ
Файлообменник: wdfiles, zippyshare

The double-disc collection from Essexx/Stryder. This band recorded under the name Stryder and released the album "Nothing At All" in 1983. They later changed the name of the band to "Essexx" and teamed up with Ronnie Montrose who produced their "We Make It Rock" cassette in 1985. This release comes with both albums plus 10 bonus tracks (8 of which have never been released and 2 tracks they were on the "Best of the Wasatch Front" compellation LP). Great deal for a great collection of melodic hard rock songs. If you are a fan of bands such as Heart and Pat Benatar you will love Stryder. If you're into bands like Femme Fatale and Saraya, you will love Essexx.

Disc 1: Essexx – We Make It Rock
01. We Make It Rock  04:14
02. No Answer  03:16
03. Hungry  03:27
04. Raisn’ Hell  06:54
05.Got To Be More  03:54
06.Love’s The Answer  05:28
07. Jury’s Out  04:28
Stryder live bonus tracks
08. Are You For Reals (Live)  05:24
09. Crusades (Live)  05:43

Disc 2: Stryder – Nothing At All
01. It’s Rock ‘N Roll  03:22
02. Nothing At All  04:47
03. Serious Looks And Dangerous Smiles  03:38
04. Casually  04:07
05. Standin Still  03:44
06. Your Kind Of Game  03:27
07. Dance  03:16
08. Solo  04:01
09. Chance Dancer  03:14  
10. Start Again  04:12
11. Nothing Sacred  03:54
12. Dreamer  08:16
13. Fit To Be Tied  05:05
14. I’ll Get By  07:08
15. Just Try And Stop Us  03:52
16. Papa  04:27
17. Princess In A Tower  03:01

Band Members:
Ron Jensen - Bass
Laurie Welker - Lead Vocals
Chris Clary - Guitars, Vocals
Kevin Freebairn - Drums, Vocals
Gilbert Rodriguez - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

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