Nazareth - Singles As & Bs 2005 (4 CD) (Lossless)


Исполнитель: Nazareth
Альбом: Singles As & Bs (4 CD)
Страна: Scotland
Жанр: Hard Rock
Год: 2005
CD Инфо: Discogs
Формат: FLAC (потреково, covers)
Размер: 2,27 Гб Mб
Файлообменник: My-Files

Треклист: CD 1

1.Dear John3:47
2.Morning Dew (7" Edit)3:13
3.Hard Living3:02
4.Broken Down Angel3:45
5.Bad,Bad Boy3:57
6.This Flight Tonight3:24
7.Shanghai'd In Shanghai3:44
8.Love Hurts3:52
9.Hair Of The Dog (7" Edit)3:21
10.My White Bycicle3:28
11.Holy Roller3:25
12.Carry Out Feelings3:19
13.You're The Violin (7" Edit)3:35
14.I Don't Want To Go On Without You3:47
15.Somebody To Roll (7" Edit)3:30
16.Gone Dead Train3:44
17.Place In Your Heart3:02
18.May The Sun Shine (7" Edit)3:31
19.Whatever You Want Babe (7" Edit)2:59
22.Dressed To Kill3:32

CD 2

1.Morning Dew (Re-Recording)3:57
2.Morgentau (German Language Version)4:03
3.Every Young Man's Dream3:19
4.Moonlight Eyes3:37
5.Love Leads To Madness (Alternate Single Version)3:42
7.Dream On (7" Edit)3:26
8.Where Are You Now3:57
9.Ruby Tuesday3:29
10.Party Down (7" Edit)4:54
12.Piece Of My Heart4:28
13.Winner Of The Night4:12
15.Spinning Top3:16
16.If You See My Baby2:59
17.Witch Doctor Woman4:07
18.Called Her Name4:25
19.Love,Now You're Gone2:26
20.Cat's Eye Apple-Pie3:04

CD 3

1.Too Bad,Too Sad2:56
3.Miss Misery4:44
4.Railroad Boy4:07
5.Lift The Lid3:54
7.Good Love3:52
8.Waiting For The Man (Alternate Edit)6:13
9.L.A. Girls3:49
10.Vancouver Shakedown4:06
12.Desolation Road2:59
13.Kentucky Fried Blues3:08
14.Expect No Mercy3:26
15.Telegram Parts 1,2 & 35:55
16.Hearts Grown Cold3:58
18.Hair Of The Dog4:46
19.Talkin' To One Of The Boys4:43

CD 4

1.Born To Love3:59
2.Ship Of Dreams4:07
3.Talking About Love3:58
4.Pop The Silo3:20
5.Let Me Be Your Leader3:52
6.Juicy Lucy4:14
7.Take The Rap2:41
8.You Love Another3:58
9.On The Run3:24
10.Sweetheart Tree3:02
11.This Month's Messiah5:10
12.Do You Think About It3:48
13.This Flight Tonight3:43
14.Lady Luck4:10
15.See You See Me5:00
17.Woke Up This Morning5:37
18.Bad,Bad Boy4:36
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