The Beach Boys - The Very Best Of The Beach Boys. Sounds Of Summer (Expanded Edition Super Deluxe) 2022


Исполнитель: The Beach Boys
Альбом:The Very Best Of The Beach Boys. Sounds Of Summer (Expanded Edition Super Deluxe)
Страна: USA
Жанр: Rock / Pop
Год: 2003 / 2022
Формат: MP3 320 CBR
Размер: 503 Мb
Файлообменник: Wdfiles 


CD 1

01.California Girls (2001 Stereo Mix)(2:46)
02.I Get Around (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:14)
03.Surfin' Safari (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:05)
04.Surfin' U.S.A. (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:28)
05.Fun, Fun, Fun (2013 Stereo Mix)(2:15)
06.Surfer Girl (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:29)
07.Don't Worry Baby (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:51)
08.Little Deuce Coupe(1:40)
09.Shut Down (2021 Stereo Mix)(1:51)
10.Help Me, Rhonda (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:48)
11.Be True To Your School (Mono)(2:10)
12.When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:06)
13.In My Room (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:17)
14.God Only Knows (1996 Stereo Mix)(2:56)
15.Sloop John B (Stereo / Remastered)(3:01)
16.Wouldn't It Be Nice (2013 Stereo Mix)(2:34)
17.Getcha Back(3:00)
18.Come Go With Me(2:08)
19.Rock And Roll Music (2013 Stereo Mix)(2:34)
20.Dance, Dance, Dance (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:06)
21.Barbara Ann (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:13)
22.Do You Wanna Dance? (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:35)
23.Heroes And Villains (2017 Stereo Mix)(3:39)
24.Good Timin'(2:14)
26.Do It Again (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:22)
27.Wild Honey (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:41)
28.Darlin' (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:14)
29.I Can Hear Music(2:36)
30.Good Vibrations (2021 Stereo Mix)(3:43)

CD 2

01.All Summer Long (2012 Stereo Mix)(2:12)
02.Good To My Baby (2021 Stereo Mix)(2:20)
03.This Whole World(1:57)
04.All I Wanna Do (Remastered 2009)(2:36)
05.Disney Girls (1957)(4:08)
06.Kiss Me, Baby (2012 Stereo Mix)(2:44)
07.Let The Wind Blow (2017 Stereo Mix)(2:34)
09.Sail On, Sailor(3:19)
10.Long Promised Road(3:32)
11.Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (2020 Stereo Mix)(3:19)
12.Pom Pom Play Girl(1:35)
13.Wind Chimes (Smile Version)(3:11)
14.I Went To Sleep(1:40)
15.Farmer's Daughter(1:50)
16.Let Us Go On This Way (2021 Mix)(2:02)
17.You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (2021 Mix)(3:25)
18.The Night Was So Young(2:17)
19.Marcella (2021 Mix)(3:46)
20.You're So Good To Me (2012 Stereo Mix)(2:15)
21.Aren't You Glad (2017 Stereo Mix)(2:19)
22.Baby Blue (2021 Mix)(3:25)
23.It's About Time (Remastered 2009)(2:58)
24.Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock) (2021 Stereo Mix)(3:35)
25.Surf's Up(4:13)

CD 3

01.Add Some Music To Your Day (Remastered 2000)(3:34)
02.It's OK (Alternate Mix)(2:11)
03.Goin' On(3:03)
04.San Miguel (2021 Mix)(2:22)
05.The Warmth Of The Sun (2021 Mix)(3:05)
06.Everyone's In Love With You (Remastered 2000)(2:44)
07.All This Is That (Remastered 2012)(3:58)
08.California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a) (Remastered 2012)(3:24)
09.Feel Flows(4:46)
10.Wendy (2013 Stereo Mix)(2:21)
11.Girl Don't Tell Me (Stereo/Remastered 2012)(2:20)
12.Let Him Run Wild (Remastered 2007)(2:21)
13.All I Want To Do (Alternate Take / 2021 Mix)(2:14)
14.Susie Cincinnati (2021 Mix)(3:02)
15.Vegetables (Stereo/Remastered 2012)(2:11)
16.Time To Get Alone(2:40)
17.Where I Belong (Remastered 2000)(2:56)
18.I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (1996 Stereo Mix / Remastered 2012)(3:19)
19.Little Bird(1:59)
20.'Til I Die(2:33)
21.(Wouldn't It Be Nice To) Live Again(4:37)
23.Devoted To You (Party! Sessions Mix)(2:21)
24.Can't Wait Too Long (2021 Mix)(3:47)
25.California Feelin' (2021 Mix)(2:55) 


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