La Otracina - Tonal Ellipse of the One 2007

La Otracina - Tonal Ellipse of the One 2007

Исполнитель: La Otracina
Альбом: Tonal Ellipse of the One
Страна: USA
Жанр: Stoner Prog / Heavy Psychedelic / Instrumental
Год: 2007
Формат: MP3 CBR 320kbps (CD Rip lame 3.93.1)
Размер: 111 МБ

LA OTRACINA is the New Wave of Psychedelic Heavy Metal, a contemporary musical vision exploding with classic influences and mind-warping sonic fusions! Their sound is a dense and majestic universe where the epic glory of 70’s proto-metal and stoner-hard-rock dance with the graceful complexity of cosmic progressive rock and the hallucinogenic mystery of heavy psychedelia, and all the while free-form improvisational interludes give way to poly-rhythmic thrash assaults and spiraling jazz-rock freakouts!

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2003 by drummer/vocalist Adam Kriney and guitarist Joshua Anzano (of TITAN and CHILDREN), LA OTRACINA was always hell-bent on creating highly visionary music that collided sonic ideas from the outer reaches of heavy and weird. Since that time the group has released 4 full length albums and 11 mini-albums, along with a slew of splits and compilations, on labels including Holy Mountain, Foxy Digitalis, and Kriney’s own Colour Sounds Recordings. As a live entity, they have embarked on 7 US tours and 1 Italian tour, in addition to countless shows in their hometown. Their tireless work ethic and far-reaching musical abilities have earned them a devoted cult following in the underground psychedelic/heavy music world, and their live shows leave fans screaming and fist-pumping in ecstatic awe!

Now in their 7th year, LA OTRACINA is the trio of Adam Kriney, Evan Sobel, and Philippe Ortanez.

1.Yellow Mellow Magic
2.Beyond the Dusty Hills (Cowboy in the Desert Part Two)
3.Nine Times the Color Red Explodes Like Heated Blood
4.Sailor of the Salvian Seas
5.Ode to Amalthea

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