Mammoth Volume - The Early Years 2002

Mammoth Volume - The Early Years 2002

Исполнитель: Mammoth Volume
Альбом: The Early Years
Страна: Sweden
Жанр: Stoner / 70's-Styled Retro Rock
Год: 2002
Формат: MP3 CBR 320kbps (CD Rip lame 3.93.1)
Размер: 168 МБ

...Mammoth Volume. Really, the band's name says it all. Their sound is BIG and WOOLLY and bound to the icy north. But that doesn№t quite explain where the other elements found in the music come from..... The band's 70s-styled retro-rock, mixed with experimental soundscapes has developed over the years. Universal influences cited by the band range from obvious to reflective and include Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Rainbow as well as bands like Budgie, Mike Oldfield, Yes, King Crimson, The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Gentle Giant. Mammoth Volume rock hard, but also offer layer upon layer of musical nuances to be peeled back with each new listen. There are roaring motor cycle engines and waves upon the beach, raging Vikings and endless starry skies in their works. Behold a musical giant in the making, behold Mammoth Volume."

1. Frisco
2. Diablo
3. Recycled C*nt
4. Demonic
5. Candlelight Dinner
6. Crazy Luzy
7. Broadsword
8. Noname
9. ii
10. Exerpt Vaudeville
11. Foufinger And Fishpie
12. Trod Alot
13. Expander
14. Helly's Creek
15. Vino Train
16. Baby's Coming Home
17. Studio Improv

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